Skiing in Yellowstone National Park



Whether you are in search of powder skiing, cross country skiing, or a leisurely hike on snowshoes, Beartooth Powder Guides can cater to everyone’s needs and desires for winter exploration of Yellowstone National Park. The remoteness and wildness of Yellowstone in the winter makes for one of the most unique winter backcountry experiences in all the world. Beartooth Powder Guides can take you to the deep POWDER stashes of Yellowstone Park, take you on a search for coyote, fox and wolf tracks, or show you some of the amazing frozen waterfalls in the area. The following are a few examples of 1/2 and full day tours we can provide. We also cater to peoples alternative desires for exploration in the Yellowstone Backcountry, so drop us a line or give a call to discuss other options for Traveling in Yellowstone in the Winter.

Lamar Valley Yellowstone




Difficulty: Beginner
Cross country ski or snowshoe from the Warm Creek Trailhead to the Northeast Entrance Park Boundary. See amazing frozen waterfalls, track animals and experience the solitude of Yellowstone Park in a half day experience. Cross country skis or snowshoes will provide the necessary tools to travel this beautiful corridor, although touring skis with scales or skins will work just fine as well.


Difficulty: Intermediate
Ski tour from Warm Creek into Pebble Creek, looking for signs of wildlife along the way. It is not uncommon to see moose or fox and experience some classic low angle tree skiing in the park during this ski tour. Our interpretive guides will discuss the different animal tracks we see along the way, as well as the diverse and interesting geological features of this area. Participants should plan on a full day in the mountains. Scaled touring skis or skis with climbing skins are required for this tour.


Difficulty: Intermediate

Backcountry ski, cross country ski or snowshoe into the Serengeti of the United States in Lamar Valley to look for signs of coyotes, foxes and wolves. We will take you and your group into the heart of one of the wildest places in the lower 48 and our interpretive guides will discuss the characteristics of the different animals that share this beautiful area: including history, tracking, and the affects of climate change on these animals. Depending on the groups desires and skill levels, powder skiing can be found on the slopes of Rose Creek and other areas of Lamar Valley. Very few visitors leave the road to explore this area in the winter and our guides will take you to remote places of Lamar valley providing you with an intimate feel for how amazing and wild this area is. This tour can be done on backcountry skis, cross country skis or snowshoes. For safety and efficiency in travel, we require all group members traveling together be on similar traveling devices (ie, all snowshoes, all cross country skis, etc.)


Difficulty: Advanced
At 10,500 feet, located at Yellowstone National Parks Northeast boundary, Wolverine Peak provides one of the most aesthetic summit ski descents anywhere in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. On the approach to the summit via Pebble Creek, the scenery is some of the finest you will find anywhere; animal tracks are abundant and you never know, you might track the elusive wolverine! This route and summit is one of our favorites here at Beartooth Powder Guides and we are excited to share it with our enthusiastic clients. This tour is not accessible with snowshoes or cross country skis. Alternatively, Pebble Creek holds many other backcountry skiing opportunities for folks with intermediate skiing and fitness levels, so inquire about customizing a ski tour to match your needs and desires.


Note: Lunch is NOT provided as part of our guiding rates. Clients are responsible for bringing their own lunch and snacks.

  • Full Day Guiding for 1 Person $430 Total
  • Full Day Guiding for 2 People $230 each or $460 Total
  • Full Day Guiding for 3 People $170 each or $510 Total
  • Full Day Guiding for 4 People $140 each or $560 Total
  • Full Day Guiding for 5 People $120 each or $600 Total