Avalanche refresher course



Course Overview

This 2 day course will be based out of the Woody Creek Cabin in the Absaroka Range above Cooke City, MT. The cabin is a 2.5 mile skin from Cooke City, and is situated within 1/4 mile of the Wyoming border and the North Absaroka Wilderness. It’s located just below treeline – with access to glades and alpine terrain alike, making this a great venue to learn about terrain and the snowpack while being fully immersed in the mountains for the duration of the course. Completion of a Basic or Level 1 avalanche course is a prerequisite for all participants.

This course is for backcountry travelers with rusty or outdated avalanche skills and people preparing for a Level 2 Avalanche Course. During the 2 days, participants will be exposed to techniques and skills required to be a competent backcountry partner. Outcomes of the course include:

  • Updated skills and knowledge (review)
  • Assessment of skills preparatory to Level 2
  • Recommendations for further development

This will include a combination of lectures and field sessions, where students will get hands on experience in learning about snowpack layering, terrain management, weather elements, decision making, and rescue skills.

  • Cost:$395 (Includes lodging, food for weekend, course materials)
  • Location: Woody Creek Cabin (backcountry ski cabin), Cooke City, MT


Course Topics Overview

  • Recent changes in L1 content
  • Metamorphism and snow processes review
  • Basic pit diagram review & field book use
  • Trip plan: snowpack and weather conditions, route plan
  • Rescue scenarios
  • Use and application of student’s own avalanche and snow study tools
  • Route selection, stability assessment, recording field observations, travel protocols, ongoing use of decision making tools
  • Summary of stability findings or danger scale assessment
  • Critique: Recommendations for further skills development, preparation for Level 2 training.


  • There will be ample time on Sunday for Skiing Powder and working out the early season kinks in skills and gear. Sunday Afternoon will be spent going for a ski tour and brushing up on uphill and downhill travel techniques and protocols.

This course is based on guidelines established by the American Avalanche Association



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