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Course Overview

This 3 day course will be based out of the Woody Creek Cabin in the Absaroka Range above Cooke City, MT. The cabin is a 2.5 mile skin from Cooke City, and is situated within 1/4 mile of the Wyoming border and the North Absaroka Wilderness. It’s located just below treeline – with access to glades and alpine terrain alike, making this a great venue to learn about terrain and the snowpack while being fully immersed in the mountains for the duration of the course.

During the 3 days, participants will be exposed to techniques and skills required to be a competent backcountry partner. This will include a combination of lectures and field sessions, where students will get hands on experience in learning about snowpack layering, terrain management, weather elements, decision making, and rescue skills.

  • Cost:$590 (Includes lodging, food for weekend, course materials)
  • Location: Woody Creek Cabin (backcountry ski cabin), Cooke City, MT


Download Syllabus

  • Snowpack Layering and formation
  • Snowpack tests and other observations as they relate to the avalanche forecast
  • Terrain Identification (avalanche paths, slope shape, aspect, slope angle)
  • Terrain management (uphill & downhill travel)
  • Mountain Weather Concepts (wind, precipitation, temperatures)
  • Snow climates
  • Avalanche types and concepts
  • Decision making skills
  • Interpreting the Avalanche Bulletin (Hazard rating and type)
  • Beacon use and rescue training
  • Skiing powder!

This course is based on guidelines established by the American Avalanche Association


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